Wood Woofers


A Wood What?!?

This is an acoustic speaker or in lay men terms, a speaker with no electrical power. It is designed to double the sound level coming from the phone’s speaker. A small hole underneath the shelf leads to the speaker which allows sound to be amplified. This simple eco friendly modern iPhone design is a fine example of both form and function. These wood woofers are very stylish and will blend into the decor of your home or office. The speaker securely supports your phone while you listen to music, talk on FaceTime, watch videos and so on. The speaker is designed for an iPhone 7 but works just fine for all similar phones. In addition, the hole that runes through the shelf extends to the bottom which allows the power cord to be ran up through the speaker which now it becomes a charging station also. It’s dimensions are approximately 3.5 inches square and 5 inches deep. The speakers are made from reclaimed wood and sealed with an acrylic sealer that will protects it from moisture while preserving the wood’s beautiful rich color.  If you would like to purchase one or simply have questions please feel free to contact me.